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Heartland Generation is built on the foundation of good governance, accountability and transparency. We are committed to incorporating and evolving governance best practices and additional procedures.

robust governance structure

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of our overall business, which includes ensuring financial strength, providing risk oversight and strategic direction, as well as ensuring appropriate controls exist in support of ethical business conduct. Our Board also supports the prioritization of ESG items and monitors our ESG performance.

  • Tyler Reeder, Managing Partner, ECP
  • Scott Steimer, Vice President, ECP
  • Andrew Gilbert, Partner, ECP
  • Rob Dutton, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Generation
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Heartland Generation is committed to upholding high ethical and legal standards in our business practices and relationships, and we have developed a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics & Code Policies to help guide our employees.

Our Code ensures that we operate in an accountable manner where we take responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards our employees, stakeholders, and the wider community in which we operate.

Our Code is comprehensive and includes policy areas such as Alcohol & Drug, Anti-Corruption, Compliance, Conflicts of Interest, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Information Systems Usage, Insider Trading, and Privacy.


Heartland Generation meets or exceeds the highest standards required of Alberta power market participants, such as the Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation, with our ingrained culture of compliance.

We do this through the implementation of our Compliance Policy and Compliance Program Standard, which ensures that the electricity we deliver to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System meets or exceeds our obligations as a market participant.