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Energy Transition

We believe in an energy transition that is fair and just and are committed to finding innovative solutions that extend the life of existing assets and create economic opportunities.


Decarbonization is key to Heartland Generation's future success and crucial to our global wellbeing.

We understand the importance of what happens today, and believe we are well positioned to help support our industry through the clean energy transition.

We have made great strides in reducing our impact on the environment, but we know that more is needed. We are committed and working toward our goal of net zero by 2050 and support Canada's increased commitment to lowering emissions through the Paris Agreement.

Workers with safety gear in a plant
Calendar 2022

Where We Are Today

Highly Efficient Cogeneration

One of the largest co-generation operators within the province of Alberta, providing efficient lower-carbon baseload power to our customers.

Renewables Backstop

Supporting renewable development with our highly flexible peaker assets, which provide critical grid stability during times of peak demand

Coal-to-Gas Conversions

The first large-scale generator in Alberta to transition off coal, reducing emissions intensities at these facilities by 45-50 percent

Portfolio & Asset Optimization

Creating optimization and operating efficiencies to reduce emissions and drive down costs

Achieved 4.5 Mtpa in emissions reductions since 2019
Calendar 2050

Our Focus Going Forward


Adapting existing power infrastructure to generate clean, 100 percent hydrogen-fueled electricity and support developing hydrogen markets

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Capturing and storing third-party and Heartland Generation's carbon emissions to decarbonize Alberta

Renewables & Storage

Exploring renewable development opportunities at existing Heartland Generation facilities

Net zero by 2050