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Heartland Generation aims to produce environmentally responsible electricity by continuously reducing our air emissions, managing air quality and striving to preserve water quality for the communities and habitats that rely on natural resources and ecosystems.


Heartland Generation prioritizes sustaining healthy ecosystems by minimizing the impact of our operations on land and wildlife.

Our focus on the future, while being mindful of the actions we take towards preserving the environment today, is what drove us to be the first large-scale power generator in Alberta to completely transition off-coal a decade ahead of regulatory guidelines.

From managing our portfolio to leverage our assets with the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) intensities to optimizing water use, we recognize the privilege and responsibility we have in both powering and preserving the environment and communities where we operate.

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Delivering a low carbon future

Our coal to gas conversions are anticipated to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 4.5 million gross tonnes (MT), or 35 percent annually, across the Heartland Generation portfolio. In addition, we have focused on prioritizing dispatch of electricity toward assets with the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) intensities.

This is the equivalent of taking approximately one million cars off the road.

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of NOx emissions reduced from 2019
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of SOx emissions reduced from 2019
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Reduction of GHGs from 2019
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