ERA’s Carbon Capture Kickstart Program Awards Funding to Heartland Generation

July 13, 2022
ERA’s Carbon Capture Kickstart Program Awards Funding to Heartland Generation

We are pleased to share that Heartland Generation has been awarded $5 million in funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Carbon Capture Kickstart Program.

Heartland Generation's funding will be used to evaluate the feasibility of converting our natural gas-fired Battle River Generating Station to hydrogen, producing electricity with zero emissions, and strengthening Alberta’s power grid.

Building a Better Bridge to a Clean Energy Future

We believe in an energy transition that is fair and just and we are committed to finding innovative solutions that extend the life of our existing assets, achieve deep decarbonization and create opportunities in rural economies.

The Battle River Carbon Hub (BRCH) would be Alberta’s first large-scale 100 percent hydrogen-fired power generation facility that integrates hydrogen production, carbon sequestration and clean power to advance Canada towards net zero.

About the Carbon Capture Kickstart Program

The Carbon Capture Kickstart Program builds on Alberta’s global leadership in this space and will fill key knowledge gaps, drive partnerships and innovation, and accelerate project financing and deployment in Alberta.

Carbon Capture Kickstart supports pre-construction design and engineering and is focused on carbon capture, direct air capture, direct carbon conversion and strategic carbon dioxide transportation infrastructure.

Proposals for funding addressed emissions across a variety of sectors including power generation, cement production, manufacturing, oil and gas and more.

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Sue Watson, Manager, Communications

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About Heartland Generation

Heartland Generation is one of Alberta's largest power generators, supplying more than 2,680 MW (gross) of reliable power to industrial, commercial and residential consumers. A balanced portfolio of contracted and merchant facilities provides dependable, stable baseload power along with the ability to meet peak demand. Heartland Generation is building a better bridge to a clean energy future through its innovative decarbonization strategy. As the first large-scale power generator in Alberta to transition completely off coal and one of the largest cogeneration operators in the province, we are now driving toward further industry decarbonization and our goal of net zero by 2050.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Heartland Generation is owned by ECP, a leading U.S.-based private equity firm supporting the energy transition through investments in electrification and decarbonization of infrastructure assets.